OSPAD Program on HIV/AIDS Workshop

OSPAD Program on HIV/AIDS Workshop


As HIV/AIDS becomes pandemic and tragic disease to the globe, particularly sub-Sahara African counties, where HIV/AIDS engulfed huge number of human life and millions are victims of disease such as PLWHA, HIV/AIDS orphanages and others, Somalia is a member of sub-Sahara African countries and has not effective government during last 18 years to contribute/control public services including the public health and restore social infrastructure.

Organization for Somalis Protection and Development (OSPAD) recognized that it is prudent to establish a program of protection and prevention the Somalia society from the hazards of HIV/AIDS.

In consequence to that point,

1) OSPAD determined that it is essential the intervention of the issue on preventive

and protective mechanisms through conducting:

Raising community awareness, preparation of education forums/workshops on

preventive methods of HIV/AIDS as well as stigma reduction inputs.

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