OSPAD: HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns

OSPAD: HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns


OSPAD had been involved in HIV/AIDS awareness programs/campaigns through media panel discussions and awareness messages since 2005 in partnership with UNICEF under the GLOBAL FUND round 4 and with IOM under the global fund round 8. In round 4 OSPAD conducted seminars, workshops, public events, campaigns, and other activities in Mogadishu and its outskirts aimed at raising the awareness of the public on HIV/AIDS and
other sexually transmitted infections and STIs.

In round 8 in partnership with IOM, OSPAD introduced a new and innovative
approach to tackle HIV/AIDS epidemic which is Peer and Life Skills Education.  

The main aim behind this is to empower youths by giving them skills and information aimed at changing their behavior and their life style in away enabling them to adapt to more safe and protected life against the infection of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

In the project, activities were extensively focused on the young people at secondary, universities schools and youth organizations in Mogadishu who are deemed to be some of the most at risk groups.

The program has started with the training of 57 young people as trainers of trainees (TOT).
They were drawn from schools, universities and youth networks in Mogadishu
and its surroundings. They were given training of trainers’ workshop (TOT).
These young people (life skills and peer educators) then conducted 60 outreach training sessions at 10 schools and youth organizations all based in Mogadishu, where 600 youths were reached and given life skills and peer education.

The 600 trainees are in the process of re-training and passing on what they have studied to their peers and colleagues at their respective schools and youth organizations.

The number of youths and students retrained by the project direct beneficiaries
is estimated at 4,940 youths from the schools and
youth organizations covered in the project activities.

The schools and youth organizations targeted in the outreach visits are: 

  •  Hamar secondary school in Mogadishu
  •  Somali youth union(SYU) in Mogadishu 
  • Somali Save Women Teachers(SSWT) in Mogadishu 
  • Kanava Youth Center  in Mogadishu 
  • Kaalmo Youth for Women Development  in Mogadishu   
  • Ma’mur Primary and Secondary school in Mogadishu  
  •  Hamar Boarding and secondary school in Mogadishu 
  • SOWJA Somali Women Journalists Association in Mogadishu. 
  • BAYDO Banadir Youth Development Organization.
  • SYC Somali Youth Center in Mogadishu.The themes covered in the outreach sessions were:
    • Promote sexual health
    • Empower youth with life skills
    • Reduce the risk of HIV/IAD through inter-active discussion
    • Prevent risk of violence/abuse and build a peer support network
    • Reduce discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS.
    • Positive sexual behavioural, prevention of HIV/AIDS,
      modern contraceptive sex, STI,
    • Sexual and reproductive health
  • Reproductive health, complete physical and social well being in
    all matters related to it.
  • Gender matrix
  • STI, prevention and control
  • Identifying of presence of STI
  • Factors contributing to the HIV/AIDS and STI spread
  • Cultural factors on HIV/AIDS spread
  • Stigma associated with STI/HIV/AIDS
  • Principle of counselling
  • Controlled emotional involvements
  • Non- judgmental attitudes
  • The counselling environment
  • Counselling Norms89
  • Education on sexual and reproductive health rights
  • Characteristic of good communication and counselling
  • Risk assessment and behaviours  change
  • Knowledge of HIV/AIDS transmission
  • Knowledge of health service availabilities
  • Attitude towards using service
  • Intention to abstain, reduce HIV/AIDS risk behaviors

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