OSPAD: Responding Emergency food crisis

OSPAD: Responding Emergency food crisis


Mid 2011 the UN declared famine parts in Somalia. This has galvanized many aid agencies into action aimed at assisting the famine stricken populations. In the vanguard of these agencies was OSPAD which carried out dry food distributions in Hodan district of Mogadishu where an estimated 20,000 IDPs reside in camps. 

OSPAD in cooperation with WFP under its General Food Distribution Program GFDP provided food rations of to IDPs in Hodand district.

  • In august 2011 OSPAD distributed food rations (maize and vegetable oil) to 1666 households in Trebunka area of the Hodan district of Banadir region.
  •   In November 2011 OSPAD provided the same food rations to 11,840 households in 4 neighborhoods in Hodan district of Banadir region.

    The food distribution exercise has saved and improved lives of the targeted communities.

    and will last until the IDPs have no more food needs and can go back to their places of origin to work on their farms and raise livestock.

     Ospad.org – Mogadishu Office

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