OSPAD Improving Local government Human rights

OSPAD Improving Local government Human rights


OSPAD is conducting with the help of funds from NED a project on:
improving social integration and communication line between districts local authority and local community in Mogadishu for better service delivery.

The immediate objectives of the project are to: 

  • Uplift the management capacity of the communities through comprehensive sharing of the meager resources.
  • Consolidate democratic space among the local communities and the local authority by training the beneficiaries on the elements of democracy and good governance.
  • Availing opportunities and facilities for enlightening the beneficiaries through peace promotion and respecting the rest while addressing
    the best method of co-living together in the district.
  • Promote peace in the region by training the beneficiaries’ conflict management strategies. 

The project which is ongoing has so far conducted a training that was given to district councilors, personnel/staff from the local authority of the targeted districts and influential youths and prominent community elders
from the seven district of Banadir region.
The participants of this capacity training have been empowered with following skills:


Good governance

¨      Management practices

¨      Human resources management

¨      External relation practices

¨      Service delivery and sustainability

¨      Peace building and conflict resolution

¨      And gender balance issues

Trainees acquired and are ready to put into practice:

  • A great deal of knowledge on good governance practices
  • How to distribute and share  better and equitably communal resources
  • Effective management of human resources
  • Offering  better and high quality services to their constituencies
  • Presenting good and credible image of local authority to the public

Improving the communication linkages between the local authority
and the local community

  • Building and promoting peaceful coexistence among their communities
  • Skillfully and successfully managing and solving conflict within their communities
  • Pre-empting and stopping sources of  conflict before taking place 
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