OSPAD signed a water catchment rehabilitation project contract with WFP early December 2012. Under this project, OSPAD is tasked to rehabilitate three water catchments in three villages-one water catchment for each.  The villages named: Maguurto-Ceelqode, Maguurto-Baalgoray and Lafogaalo are in the vicinity of Afgoye with only 5-7 km away from it.

At the start of the project, OSPAD met the Afgoye district authority represented by district Humanitarian Officer as well as elders and community leaders of the three beneficiary villages and discussed with them, among other things, the project implementation, project staff and project sustainability and ownership. At this meeting, it was agreed that   Lafagaalo water catchment to be the first water catchment to be rehabilitated.

Having prepared the ground for the start of the project, OSPAD procured all the necessary tools for the project such as picks, spades, brooms, Hooks and well barrows etc then officers from OSPAD accompanied by humanitarian officer from Afgoye district authority visited Lafagaalo village and held a meeting with community members including elders, religious leaders, women and youth. At this meeting, participants were informed of the project activities in detail.  They were enlightened on, among other things, project workers recruitment, food entitlement of each project worker and other issues concerning the smooth running of the project.  The food entitlement of each worker is Cereal 50 kg, pulse 22 kg and oils 5.2 kg The participants of the meeting welcomed the project and mentioned that they were particularly delighted that the project is implemented by and for them as workers would be drawn from the village itself not outside it and the water catchment would be an asset for the village dwellers.

Finally excavation and de-silting process of the Lafagaalo water catchment was started and is in good progress now. The workers recruited represent all segments of the residents in Lafagaalo village. Women are visible represented and make up 69% of the workforce. They are tasked with the less formidable tasks of the rehabilitation process that they can carry out such as silt/mud and sand removals and dumping after the excavation part is done by men.

All in all, the rehabilitation exercise is going on smoothly. The food entailments of each worker by the project will obviously improve the livings conditions of the Lafagaalo community.

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