OSPAD carry out workshop four on preventive and protection from the risk...

OSPAD carry out workshop four on preventive and protection from the risk of HIV/AIDS


HIV/AIDS prevention and protection workshop was conducted in Mogadishu for 40 participants from the community parts such as health workers ,barbers and beauty salon workers  for the promotion of their awareness and preventive measures towards risk of HIV/AIDS Also reduction of stigma against people living with HIV/AIDS, this workshop have been conducted from 10th to 12th November by OSPAD at b/hubey training centre where  health related programs are also conducted .

During the three days of this workshop period both participants and trainers deeply discussed and covered very important topics about prevention and protection from the HIV/AIDS pandemics including best way to prevent from it, how to care and provide hospitality to the PLWHA, risk groups, STD and HIV/AIDS relations, and more about others.

Also Abdullahi Hashi from SCAC appreciated the sponsors of the workshop and requested the participants to attend fully and pass the lessons they gain from the workshop to the rest of the society who did not got the opportunity  to take part the workshop, Mr. Abdullahi underlined the necessity to increase the public awareness against AIDS so that the populace can easily be free from the health hazards threaded by the viruses.

On that occasion OSPAD Chairman Mr. Abdinour Osman Wehelie who announced that OSPAD has performed many workshop of this kind which were in great advantage to many people,. Who committed themselves to increase the awareness of the Somali society against the dangers of AIDS and He added that many people, in the past were ignorant of how to help the people living with AIDS  due to  their low awareness and education about preventive measures but to day  changed their manner and commenced to show sympathy and care to PLWHAs and improved the behavior of discriminating against PLWHAs.

The lecturer of the workshop was trainers and experts Mrs. Lul Ali Ulusow and Mr. Abubakar Ahmed Sheik who detailed on the cause of HIV/AIDS, the best ways it can be prevented and the best way to interact with people living with AIDS. The lecturers frequently.

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