Forum four on HIV/AIDS Preventive methods for youth groups in IDP setting...

Forum four on HIV/AIDS Preventive methods for youth groups in IDP setting in Mogadishu


Organization for Somalis protection and development (OSPAD) has conducted two days HIV/AIDS preventive forum for one hundred youths comprising of both females and males from Mogadishu IDP camps for 14th – 15th February, 2009 and that forum which was one of the activities being targeting to be implemented with in the community mobilization and awareness raising against HIV/AIDS project funded by GLOBAL FUND/UNICEF and implemented by OSPAD in year 4 GFATM HIV/AIDS program through the local partners and During the sessions of that forum, miss Basra Hussein who was the lead facilitators of that forum addressed the participants on the lessons having deeply expressed on the background/history of this fatal disease, how it is transmitted among the people and the best measures by which it can be prevented whilst abdullahi Hashi the  SCAC M&E officer was supervising the forum’s on going.

The facilitators of that forum make all their efforts to enable the participants understand fully about the  serious problems of the uncured disease, stating that the disease mainly affects the youth groups also those who are under denial levels and urged the participants to be cautious and very careful on the deadly disease.

The facilitators of the forum displayed with the references of  data from the health clinic screenings showing that 1.6% of the Somalia people in the country are now expected to be HIV/AIDS carriers, alleging the reason for this as being the fact of the absence of effective central government to control and manage the spread of this fatal disease.

Also ismail ali who as co-facilitating the forum addressed to the participants of the forum, concentrating much on STI are the disease closely related to the HIV/AIDS are transmitted through the sexual intercourses if not urgently treated also he advised the youth to be carefully of those associated risk disease.

In conclusion of the Dr. abdullahi Hashi SCAC M&E officer has concluded the forum , thanking to those who organized/ /funded the implementation of this forum and urged the participants to delivery what they learn to their fellows and friends who did not get the opportunity to attend this forum. – Mogadishu Office

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