Enhancing gender based violence prevention and response for IDP population in South-Central Zone specifically in Mogadishu (Banadir Region)

OSPAD is conducting this project in partnership with INTERSOS/UNICEF in IDPs in four districts in Banadir region. The project which has started in June 2012 is targeting four IDP settlements and host communities in four districts in Mogadishu namely:Badbado – Dharkenley, US Embassy – Wadajir and maajo– Waberi. Some of the activities we have carried out  in these IDP settlements include:

  • Provision of psychosocial support, material assistance, follow up, referrals and transportation of 272 persons (mainly young women, children and their caretakers) to referral facilities in Mogadishu.

  • Distribution of dignity kits to  identified women at risk of GBV in the above mentioned IDP settlements


  • Provision of tailored assistance (for instance doors locks, torches, additional shelter material, plastic sheeting, poles, etc) for 160 women and girls at risk to GBV.

  •  GBV awareness sessions in Mogadishu organized in coordination with LNGOs, local and religious authorities on GBV issues (FGM/C, denial of education, early marriages, etc.
  •  Provision of legal AID trainings to the IDP communities of the project targeted districts.

  • Provision of material assistance such as additional food and transportation fees to at the least 160 persons. (Mainly young women, children and their caretakers).
  • Referral mechanism system with the different service providers in the same districts.

  • Provision of material assistance determined on ad hoc basis (e.g. clothes, NFIs, additional food, health referral, rent of safe house, ect) for at the least 60% of emergency cases (among the cases receiving psychosocial support).

For a period of six months, the propjet has made a big difference in the GBV survivors’ situation. There is now less GBV incidents; survivors feel they have better coping mechanisms than before the start of the project.

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